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Magnesium 1 of 2

Posted by Judson Somerville on September 23, 2018
Magnesium is one of my favorite minerals and is also one of our most important. Magnesium is involved in almost as many if not as many cellular processes as vitamin D3. It is important for bone strength for one, and since so many people, especially as they age, are osteoporotic, it is important to take enough to assure the strongest bones. I’ll address Boron for skeletal bone strength in a later post. Whether you are

Other vitamins and minerals

Posted by Judson Somerville on September 18, 2018
Why do we need to take other vitamins and minerals when we are at optimal dose with Vitamin D3? Vitamin D3 at optimal dose supercharges your metabolism. Optimal dose “tells” your body it is summer when you would be receiving plenty of vitamin D3 from the sun, and when you are hypothetically at your best physically and mentally which vitamin D3 helps you to achieve. The summer is when food is more available, but also


Posted by Judson Somerville on September 16, 2018
You were probably wondering when I would address something that directly affects you. If you are like most people, you haven’t slept well in years, and maybe decades. If you watch TV, you see that businessmen have figured this out as a huge percentage of the ads promote substances to put you to sleep, to keep you asleep and then to wake you up during the day. No, it doesn’t add up, because it is


Posted by Judson Somerville on September 12, 2018
So far, we have covered some of the basics of vitamin D3 and one of the three primary areas it affects us is sleep. Another effect is on metabolism. As a hormone, when vitamin D3 is low it signals to the body that food is scarce and we need to take advantage, and consume, any we find. Compare it to summer when food is much more available, because it flourishes during that time of year.

Vitamin D3 and Sperm Count

Posted by Judson Somerville on September 9, 2018
Topical media speaks about the recent findings of male sperm counts dropping in westernized countries to half of what they were a decade ago. The implication is the reduced fertility rates which are more important as they too have been dropping. What does this mean? People who are trying to conceive are less successful. Is vitamin D3 connected? In ancient times fertility rituals were common in the late summer and early fall when vitamin D3