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The previous blog posting I wrote about one theory as to why we develop Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and in this blog I will discuss another potential cause, infectious agents and how vitamin D3 might help avoid them. In the case of AD there is more and more research showing that it’s caused by an infectious agent.1 Who knows, but that in the future there may be more than one type of AD. Vitamin D3 at
In 2015, there were approximately 29.8 million people worldwide with Alzheimer’s disease (AD).1,2 AD is poorly understood and causes 60-70 percent of the cases of dementia3, which is a progressive impairment, marked by memory loss and the inability to plan and implement complex behavior. “The risk factors include physical inactivity, obesity, unhealthy diets, tobacco use and harmful use of alcohol, diabetes, and midlife hypertension. Additional potentially modifiable risk factors include depression, low educational attainment, social
So now that you know my opinion on the two (references 1&2 below) articles that #Tim Spector uses as the proof for his attack on vitamin D in his articles (3&4 below) now let’s examine what he goes on to write.  First, he stated, “Patients with very high levels (over 100nmol (I assume he means nmol/l)) (my emphasis) are becoming routine in my clinic and elsewhere, and toxic overdoses are increasingly being reported.” Also writing
In addition to the blood levels of vitamin D2 and 3, another criticism for the heart study, is that it was done in Scandinavia where a large percentage of people get their vitamin D from cod liver oil.1 A great explanation of how cod liver oil and vitamin A’s effects are found at #Dr. John Cannell #Vitamin D Counsel.2 There are high levels of vitamin A in cod liver oil.3 In fact a tablespoon of
These next three blog posts concern the latest in attacks on vitamin D3 supplementation and ignores the benefits of better sleep, metabolism and immune system with the optimal dose of vitamin D3 as seen in thousands of my patients in Laredo, Texas. This article by Tim Spector on vitamin D and appeared in The Conversation, was based on a just-published large study in the British Journal of Medicine, see reference 1 below, and augmented by